Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RelaxZen Product Review

I received a free sample of RelaxZen Day and Night.

I took the RelaxZen day in the morning. It tasted good, not overly sweet and many other shot energy drinks are. RelaxZen day is supposed to reduce stress and fatigue,
increase focus and alertness, balance mood and enhance productivity. Now i am a high stress person who suffers from chronic fatigue so this sounds right up my alley. I don't think I felt less stressed or more calm but I did feel more energetic. I didn't feel jittery. I would use this for an energy drink instead of say the 5 hour energy because it taste better and doesn't make me jittery.

Then about a half an hour before I was ready for bed I took the RelaxZen night. It also tasted good. The night shot is supposed to help you sleep which is right up my alley. It did calm me down and made me relaxed and ready for bed. I really enjoyed the night version. I didn't feel groggy when I woke up.

So my final thoughts on the product are the day one was a good energy type drink. I didn't feel the calming affects but I am also I high stress person. Someone with less stress may feel it. The night one was my favorite. I felt nice and relaxed and ready for bed. I recommend everyone try out this product.

Also visit their facebook page. They are running some promotions., click on the sweepstakes tab and enter to win their products for a year.
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