Tuesday, February 16, 2010

oh the sickness

So poor Wyatt has pink eye and a double ear infection. Now Audrey has pink eye. lus everyone in the house has a nasty cold. I have starting attacking everyone and everything with lysol. Maybe I can put us in a bubble till spring.

Evan lost it

Evan lost his first tooth. It came out while he was eating an apple. He was so excited. The tooth fairy left him 50 cents.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sketcher Shapeups

I just splurged on a pair. I love the. they are so comfy.They t.ake a little getting used to but totally worth it.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My own personal medical mystery

So all of these things started a few months after having my 2 year old Wyatt. I had spent 5 weeks in the hospital before having a emergency c-section with a partial hysterectomy. I started having trouble going to sleep even when I was exhausted and then when I would sleep I woke a lot and felt tired the entire day. So they put on a sleeping pill. It helps some but the chronic fatigue is still there.
I have a pre-existing shoulder problem. I had surgery in 2003. My job as a waitress was irritating my shoulder so I went to my doctor about that. She sent me to a pain specialist. She also ran blood work and it all came back fine. She also said because of the chronic pain and fatigue that she thinks I have fibromyalgia. She wont officially diagnose or treat me because she said my health insurance would probably drop me. So I leave confused and once again feeling brushed off by a doctor.
I nursed my son and I noticed a lump in my arm pit a week after having my son. It was golf ball sized and hard. The lactation nurse said it was a clogged milk duct. So I dealt with it. Eventually it softened up. I put it to the back of my mind because it was the least of my problems.
I also experienced abdominal bloating and irregularity. They tell me its IBS and they leave it at that.
So 3 months ago I went to my doctor once again because after a year of trying to loose weight I have gained weight. I gained weight on weight watchers even. I just kept gaining and bloating more. So she puts me on phentermine. After 2 months i have gained another 10 lbs. She tells me to take it another month a come in for a weigh in another month.
The doctors blamed all of these thing on my having anxiety. I have had anxiety since my teens. it has been treated and under control. Why 12 years later would it all of a sudden make me have all these problems. They kind of treated me like it was all in my head because I have anxiety and take meds for it. The pain specialist even told me if I cure my anxiety all of these problem would go away.
So here I am alittle over 2 years after the start of it all. I have not figured out what is wrong with me. I know its not in me head. I just don't feel right.....if that makes since, like I know my own body and things are off. I have stopped going to the doctor she just puts me on more pills that don't help.
I know i have alot going on at once. All of this came on in about a 2 week period. Right now they have me on so many different pills and all I want to do is figure out what is going on. I am on phentermine, clonapan, lexapro, tramadol, muscle relaxor, Non steroid anti inflammatory, sleeping pill, vitamin, water pill, melatonin....... I think that's it.

I have an appt with an internal medicine doc today for a 2nd opinion. We will see how that goes.