Friday, February 5, 2010

My own personal medical mystery

So all of these things started a few months after having my 2 year old Wyatt. I had spent 5 weeks in the hospital before having a emergency c-section with a partial hysterectomy. I started having trouble going to sleep even when I was exhausted and then when I would sleep I woke a lot and felt tired the entire day. So they put on a sleeping pill. It helps some but the chronic fatigue is still there.
I have a pre-existing shoulder problem. I had surgery in 2003. My job as a waitress was irritating my shoulder so I went to my doctor about that. She sent me to a pain specialist. She also ran blood work and it all came back fine. She also said because of the chronic pain and fatigue that she thinks I have fibromyalgia. She wont officially diagnose or treat me because she said my health insurance would probably drop me. So I leave confused and once again feeling brushed off by a doctor.
I nursed my son and I noticed a lump in my arm pit a week after having my son. It was golf ball sized and hard. The lactation nurse said it was a clogged milk duct. So I dealt with it. Eventually it softened up. I put it to the back of my mind because it was the least of my problems.
I also experienced abdominal bloating and irregularity. They tell me its IBS and they leave it at that.
So 3 months ago I went to my doctor once again because after a year of trying to loose weight I have gained weight. I gained weight on weight watchers even. I just kept gaining and bloating more. So she puts me on phentermine. After 2 months i have gained another 10 lbs. She tells me to take it another month a come in for a weigh in another month.
The doctors blamed all of these thing on my having anxiety. I have had anxiety since my teens. it has been treated and under control. Why 12 years later would it all of a sudden make me have all these problems. They kind of treated me like it was all in my head because I have anxiety and take meds for it. The pain specialist even told me if I cure my anxiety all of these problem would go away.
So here I am alittle over 2 years after the start of it all. I have not figured out what is wrong with me. I know its not in me head. I just don't feel right.....if that makes since, like I know my own body and things are off. I have stopped going to the doctor she just puts me on more pills that don't help.
I know i have alot going on at once. All of this came on in about a 2 week period. Right now they have me on so many different pills and all I want to do is figure out what is going on. I am on phentermine, clonapan, lexapro, tramadol, muscle relaxor, Non steroid anti inflammatory, sleeping pill, vitamin, water pill, melatonin....... I think that's it.

I have an appt with an internal medicine doc today for a 2nd opinion. We will see how that goes.

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