Sunday, November 22, 2009

Evan turned 6

Evan turned 6 on Sat (Nov 21). It seems just like yesterday that he was a baby. He is growing up so quickly. He had a Ben 10 party. We held the part at my inlaws garage. He had about 8 kids there and it was a great number. We decorated cookies, beat up a sponge bob pinanta and played outside with side walk chalk. I could not believe it was warm enough to play outside but it was beautiful. The kids outlined their bodies so the drive way looked like a crime scene lol. Evan loved his cake I made and tasted good too.
He got tons of Bakugons. He had only 1 before the party and he now has 20. I don't really get them but he loves them. He is also really getting into games and he got 3 new games: Operation, Connect 4 and Sorry Sliders.
Both my sisters where at the party and thats rare we all 3 are together. I really enjoyed having them there.

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