Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home management binder is done

I got it finished (except for a few page decorations). I love it. it is so handy.

Place to store my pens, highlights and whiteout.


Daily Routine - list of things I do everyday. Rarely look at it cause I know it all but its nice to have it written down.

Menus and recipes - Where is write down my weekly dinner menu and put my fave recipes

To do list - where i jot down errands, phone calls, ect that I need to do each day

Shopping list - my grocery list

Cleaning and Chores - Where i write down my daily cleaning routine (I have an hour a day devoted to cleaning. Different things for each day) and the kids chore lists.

Contacts - phones numbers, websites, log in and password
Place to keep track of bills and payments

place to keep track of stuff for the kids. School info, ect.
Wish list - things I want to get, do or see.

Craft area- info on cooking - cooking tips, hint, instructions. Articles out of magazines I like about cooking.
crafts home - same as for cooking
parenting - info about parenting I like, articles, tips and ect.
Holiday - stuff pertaining to holidays
place to jot down notes.

Thanks for checking out my binder. it has alot of empty areas because i am just starting it.


  1. The book is looking very good Kati. Can;t wait for you to get it finished.

  2. Stopping by from the Midwest Mom Bloggers Group! :) What a great binder! I would love to be that organized. I am getting there... slowly! Haha! I just started meal planning and it has been an adventure!